DHI Annual Report 2020


That’s DHI

A message from our CEO

By making a difference to our customer, we make a difference for our planet.

Mette Vestergaard, CEO

It’s about our innovation
We start with bright innovation.
DHI’s employees are the core of the company.
Combining deep domain knowledge with technology, research and innovation, our people are constantly discovering new ways to help the world use, manage and live with water, as well as protect water-related ecosystems.
It’s about making things better
Supporting sustainable development is in DHI’s DNA.
Since the beginning, the projects we take on are about solving challenges around the world to benefit people and planet. DHI helps customers take a step towards achieving various climate objectives, including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Here are a few recent highlights.
It’s about knowledge building and sharing
18,049 people

*total number of registrants and participants for THE ACADEMY by DHI’s training activities in 2020

New ways of working—and learning—was something the world had to get familiar with in the past year. THE ACADEMY by DHI relooked how we could support our customers even more and increased the number of online activities significantly in 2020.
0 %
growth in online activities
These included webinars, self-paced e-learning, live tutoring, instructor-led courses and project-related online training for Cambodia, Myanmar, Trinidad and Tobago, Denmark, France, and more.
18,049 people

*total number of registrants and participants for THE ACADEMY by DHI’s training activities in 2020

It’s about the future
2020 was an unprecedented year for the world amidst COVID-19 challenges.
As DHI looks ahead, we will continue to:


through increased research and development in solutions and technology


with our customers to build stronger connections to make a real difference in their journeys


our people, allow them to grow and provide them with all the tools they need to do their best

Protect the planet

in areas related to water and sanitation clean energy, climate action life below water and more

Dive into the DHI Blog, read about our corporate social responsibility activities and see how we performed in 2020.

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Connecting to find new innovative ways to use, manage and live with water

It’s been some eventful months since I joined DHI last year. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing company that has been delivering cutting-edge innovation for 57 years—all thanks to the passionate, bright and highly skilled people whom I now call my colleagues. They are the reason why DHI maintained good overall results in 2020 despite COVID-19 challenges. I am proud that we came through the year in a financially well position.

Our mission is to enable sustainable development of one of the world’s most precious resources: Water. Climate changes and a growing population are providing significant challenges for the planet, and we need to find new innovative ways to use, manage and live with water, and to protect water-related ecosystems. DHI has the skills and hence the obligation to help find these solutions, and all of us are determined to make a difference.

With the new DHI+ strategy, we will make this impact. We will use our substantial capability for innovation and technology to raise the bar for what good looks like. And we will not do it alone. We will use our global reach to connect with existing and new partners and customers in the global water community. Together, we can truly innovate to advance sustainable water solutions. That is what DHI+ is about.

Needless to say, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a natural and integrated part of our work, and every day we strive to improve our support to the SDGs.

I am confident that if we pool all our skills and knowledge together, if we unite and connect across the globe and across organisational boundaries, we will be able to innovate and drive sustainable development of our planet.

Mette Vestergaard, CEO